Individual Therapy

Distress at an unjust world is proof of your humanity, not of sickness.

In working with that distress, I will help you to find ways to manage it, to learn from it, and to channel it into real change.

Moving towards Healing

In Individual Therapy I will provide a perspective of compassion and curiosity as we examine your past and present experiences, and explore the ways that they affect your life.

Common concerns I work with in Individual Therapy:

  • Feeling depressed, hopeless, or angry
  • Feeling anxious, afraid or overwhelmed
  • Experiences of trauma and/or oppression
  • Learning to name and set your boundaries
  • Recovery from self-criticism and perfectionsim
  • Secondary trauma and caregiving burnout
  • Gender and identity exploration
  • Life, career, or relationship transitions
  • Grief and experiences of loss
  • Struggles with communication or interpersonal effectiveness
  • Feeling stuck or aimless, unsure of what comes next

It is possible to feel better. It is possible to change. It is possible to find ways to uncover your full potential, and to move towards a life of fullness and joy.