Colleen Thompson

I have over 10 years experience working with individuals in a variety of health, mental health, and advocacy settings. My primary focus has been on working with clients to forge healthy relationships – with themselves, with their loved ones, and with their communities at large. I have additional training and experience in serving members of LGBTQA+, nonbinary, polyamory, and kink communities. I can provide letters of support for gender affirming medical care using WPATH standards based on an informed consent model.

I work from a Feminist Therapy framework, which means that I strive to see your concerns in context, without judging or pathologizing. I believe that the behaviors that you struggle to change came about because they were at one point useful to you, and that the best way towards change lies in finding the strengths and wisdom in what you’re already doing. I will work with you to cultivate a greater kindness and compassion for yourself and your circumstances as you move towards wholeness and wellness.


  • MA, Mental Health Counseling, Seattle University
  • BA, Linguistics, University of Michigan


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (license number LH60818141)

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